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About the mentor



My story

I went through a rough stage in my early teens, and I wished I had a mentor of some sort that could direct me down the right path. That’s when I found Frank Dando Sports Academy.


There were, and still are, three strong and caring male figures who loved exercise and wouldn’t judge me for my past experiences. If I had any life related questions, they were there, and that has made a huge difference.


So I think it’s my duty to give back to kids who are going through the same thing. Kids who need a mentor in their life. Someone who can help them find the right path.

Campbell McNabb - Mentor.jpeg


  • Played Tigers Rep basketball at highest level

  • Victorian State Champion Basketball Player

  • SMJFL Division 2 Premier Player

  • Completed the “Pathways to Manhood” rites of passage program

  • FDSA School Co-Captain and then Captain

  • Basketball referee for adult teams with MSAC

  • Teaches regular kids fitness classes (age 6-14) at FightFit

  • Currently working towards Cert III & IV in Fitness

Personal Interests

  • Boxing & Martial Arts

  • Fitness & Personal Training

  • Diet & Nutrition

  • Love of cooking

What people are saying about campbell

Campbell is the young man you want in your sons corner…. a great role model and a natural leader, he has the ability to listen, teach, motivate and guide boisterous young men toward positive outcomes.


He has been a great friend and mentor to our youngest son and his positive influence and sound advice has been life changing. A delightful, trustworthy and dependable guy who we couldn’t recommend more highly.

~ Maryse, Jack’s Mum

Being the Principal where Campbell is the School Captain I have witnessed a troubled boy change himself into an inspirational young man.

Campbell is an enthusiastic leader who takes his role seriously. He switches from friend to mentor effortlessly.

Through his physical training, motivational encouragement, positivity and ready ear does Campbell support those in need and inspire others to better themselves.

~ Paul Fyfield, Principal, Frank Dando Sports Academy

I am privileged and proud to be a part of Campbell’s journey to manhood. Since his enrolment at Frank Dando Sports Academy I have witnessed a young boy lacking confidence, motivation and showing discomfort conforming to normal class routine. 

Over the course of two years, he has managed to transform himself into a strong, confident and mature young man. One who was given the title of class captain which he takes very seriously and proudly wears on his sleeve. Always checking in on students’ welfare, showing initiative both in and out of class and going above and beyond in helping out the teaching staff. 

A great example of Campbell’s commitment to his captaincy was evident in term 2 and 3 which he was given the option of coming to school 2 days a week and doing 2 days online at home. He felt the need to be there all 4 days as he believed that was the role of a captain. 

His desire for physical fitness is nothing short of inspirational. A fine example of someone who has changed his life around is always looking to better himself.

~ Sam Battaglia, Teacher & Instructor, Frank Dando Sports Academy

about the elder




Years ago, I was struggling with the competing pressures of work, parenting, relationships and the expectations I put on myself. I often felt isolated in this experience, like no one else would or could understand, even though I had an active social life and solid friendship base. This ultimately led me to seek support and discover new ways of being.


I become involved with men’s groups during this period and learned how fundamentally important community, mentorship and eldership are in developing healthy individuals and societies.


I was inspired to find ways to give back what I received and share what I learned with those who were looking. “That Guy” emerged from this passionate vision and mission of purpose.


Breaking the cycles. Paying it forward. Making it better for those that come after. And creating “That Guy” with my son, Campbell, is doing just that.

Carter McNabb - Elder_edited.jpg


Deeply passionate about human healing, self-empowerment and community building. Creating a world of truth, love and acceptance by creating it within myself. Creating safety for the deeper expression of love and joy. Helping others live the beauty of their truth.


I am an engaged, involved father of two beautiful children, 13 and 17 yrs – establishing and coaching a primary school basketball team, attending “Pathways to Manhood” with Campbell and forming a Parenting Support Group amongst Campbell’s group of friends. I have an active fitness and yoga practice, am keen on diet and nutrition and write and perform original music.


Highly engaged in Leadership and Personal development. On the Leader Body of ManKind Project Australia. Teaches Leadership development both corporately and privately. Currently working towards international certification in System Intervention Coaching. Private coaching clients. Have studied and been actively involved with Family Constellations, Process Work, Shadow & Archetype Work, EFT (Meridien Tapping), Trauma Recovery & Somatic Experiencing, Yoga & Breathwork, Holographic Kinetics and other modalities. Hoffman Process Graduate. Creates & facilitates Parenting & Co-gender Circles.


Currently Managing Director of Strategy & Consulting for Accenture following GRA's acquisition in early 2021. Previously, Founder & Partner at GRA Supply Chain Pty Ltd, a corporate advisory firm focussing on Organisational Capability with 24-year history, a team of 60+ professionals, offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Canberra and a Blue Chip client base including Telstra, Woolworths and the Federal Government. Also founded the Supply Chain Business Institute (SCBI), an education and training organisation. Lectured at Monash University at the Master’s Level for four years. Frequent high-profile public speaking events, press quotes and published articles. Training in Leadership & Negotiation skills.

What people are saying about Carter

I undertook coaching with Carter to address some current self defeating behaviors. Little did I know that the root causes stemmed from beliefs and experiences that had formed in my early childhood. Carter's knowledge and wisdom facilitated exploring and uncovering issues in a safe and caring environment. Within a short time I witnessed an unexpected, profound change - not only eliminating the self destructive behaviors, but also finding a new sense of well being through self love. I still don’t understand the mechanisms at play but everything has changed since our sessions. I’m taking care of myself and it’s coming easier than ever. Not effortlessly but with minimal resistance.

~ Coaching Client

Thank you for your wisdom,  integrity and courage in putting together the content and the session for Truth Chairs with such heart. You held us all with such strength and care that I could feel how integrated your inner family is. This work is important and the more we can deepen in knowing and living our truth, the more empowered we become, which ripples out to our families, communities and the world around. It was an honour to support you and I hope your work reaches more people.

~ Workshop Participant

I've found Carter to hold an effective space and gentle guidance for transformational self enquiry, enabling both somatic and emotional release. During our session together I felt clearly supported to seek behind the stories and emotions of current challenges, in order to safely access, nurture and release wounded aspects of the fragmented younger self at the root of my struggles, empowering me to be more mindful of my own deeper capacity for self care and compassion going forward. Specifically, this process supported me to disentangle parts of my own childhood experience from my perceptions and actions as a parent, to see my daughter's experience and needs in their own clearer light.

~ Coaching Client

As a leader I thank you for your ability to show empathy and compassion for us and your amazing confidence to be completely transparent, honest and vulnerable… that is most admirable and something I strive towards every day.

~ Work Colleague

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