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“Somewhere along the way,
we lost community and culturE..."

The road of adolescence, from boy to young man, can feel lonely, confusing and turbulent.


It’s a formative time, and as the saying goes,”it takes a tribe/village to raise a child”.


What’s needed is the notion of what some cultures refer as “Uncling”.


Healthy, mature men who provide support, structure, guidance and knowledge to the young men and boys in the community.

In particular, an aspirational, healthy role model.


Someone a boy can look up to, with relatable experience.


Someone who can provide connection, companionship, support, trust, acceptance, guidance and mentorship.


That is what's needed to support and nurture the development of the healthy masculine.


For the young man to have a balance of masculine & feminine, to be a leader in his own life and community, to live in integrity, accountability, service, self-responsibility, empowerment, trust, acceptance and safety.

This is what informed the creation of That Guy.

our approach

  • Non religious or political

  • Inclusive, we welcome everyone

  • Values based

  • Confidentiality

  • Appropriate guidance, helping your son find his answer

  • Nurturing, supportive & encouraging, clear boundaries

  • Guiding vs directing

  • Duty of Care & Safety

  • Nature & activity, vs screens and stationery

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